“STOP THE VIOLENCE” PRESS STATEMENT 22/05/2017: GIRL GUIDES South Africa Condemns Violence Against Girls and Women


In the wake of numerous cases of young women in our country being abused, attacked and killed gruesomely in the past month, the leadership of GIRL GUIDES South Africa have added their voice in publicly condemning these cruel acts against defenceless women.


“As an organisation dedicated to empowering and guiding women to be better citizens, it is our duty to ensure that all girls and women are protected from any form of ill-treatment and harm”, says Zine Madyibi, GIRL GUIDES South Africa Chief Commissioner.  Madyibi went on to pass on the Organisation’s condolences to all families whose daughters had met their death at the hands of people they trusted, and some at the hands of strangers.


“The current atmosphere of fear and anxiety for the safety and security of girls and women cannot be left unchallenged; drastic action needs to be taken by men and women of good conscience” she continued. “Our authorities have to tighten the measures that ensure that women live a fulfilling life, and not in perpetual fear for their lives.”


Madyibi urged girls and women to take extra precautions in their homes, schools and within the community, to ensure that they look out for suspicious characters, to know their rights, to be assertive and call out for help before situations become unbearable, and to notify parents and authorities whenever their safety is threatened.  “Do not suffer in silence, cry out for help”, she concluded.  “Join the global call to STOP THE VIOLENCE! “



For More Information, please contact Mandisa Kalako, at GIRL GUIDES South Africa, on 011 795 3767: Email: Mandisak@girlguides.org.za

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