In response to the effects of last week’s inclement weather around Cape Town and the devastating fires in Knysna, GIRL GUIDES South Africa have rallied around all their members for disaster relief items.


“The families affected by these unfortunate events need our humanitarian assistance,” says Zine Madyibi, GIRL GUIDES South Africa Chief Commissioner.   “The losses run deep –families have died, homes were destroyed, household items and livelihoods have been lost – some people are left with only the clothes on their back, and their future looks bleak”.


“We thank the GIRL GUIDES South Africa ladies who have joined in the collection and distribution of relief items, who have been moved to join the outpouring of compassion where South Africans – corporates, groups and individuals – have donated money, clothes and food items”.


In Port Elizabeth, Girl Guide leaders spent the weekend collecting and delivering relief goods to the collection points, for onward transportation to Knysna.  “The most touching bundle of donated items were the feminine hygiene items, including sanitary pads, “says Sivuyo Ngcwangu, Commissioner, EC Cape East Region, “since such basic necessities tend to be overlooked in emergency situations.”


The Gauteng East Region also collected many relief items for the Knysna fire victims, including loads of toys that the girls donated, in response to a letter from a Brownie who had recently moved down to Knsyna from the Boksburg Pack.  She wrote to all her old friends in the pack urging them to donate their toys to this cause.  Mandy Payze, the Regional Commissioner arranged with DHL to transport the toys to the affected areas.


“The values of caring and compassion are inculcated very early in the lives of our Brownies, as shown in this appeal from one so young, and in the response received from her peers,” says the Chief Commissioner, urging that the collection of relief items must continue, as the long-term effects of these disasters will continue to be felt, and the winter months will be merciless on vulnerable communities.



For more information please contact GIRL GUIDES South Africa, Mandisa Kalako, on 011 795 3767; Email:

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