C1 - C6 Forms


C1 – Permission to camp

C2 – Camp Return Form

C3 – Permission to Hike and Boating

C4 – Application and Indemnity Form

C5 – Admission Form

C6 – Application and Indemnity Form Adults

3 responses on “C1 – C6 Forms

  1. busisiwe mayekiso says:

    Happy thinking day to all Girl guides and scout of South Africa

  2. hi I have been with movement from brownies to rangers , but it has been a while since I was not active in the movement and I have seen the need for the organisation in our community since it is no longer actively involved in schools so I would like to start in and around our schools and even in our community . please assist

    • editor one says:

      Dear Tlakale
      We are keen to assist, but will need to know what area you are in? We can then maybe put you in touch with someone who is involved in Guiding nearest to that area. Please email you reply to info@girlguides.org.za

      Kind regards
      Karen Jones
      National Programmes Manager
      GIRL GUIDES South Africa

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